How to donate to Hasans' Turkey and Syria earthquake relief campaign

How to donate to Hasans' Turkey and Syria earthquake relief campaign ...

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria last week, and a surge of support followed as Twitch creators and viewers fought to help those affected.

HasanAbi, Twitch's most well-known political commentator, is well-known for being of Turkish descent, and he knew that following the tragedy, it would be difficult for people to obtain their US dollars converted into something that would directly help those affected by the earthquake.

Hasan was able to setup a fundraising page less than a day after the earthquake, with funds going to four different NGOs, including CARE Syria, AKUT, Ahbap, and CARE Turkey.

Softgiving has raised more than $1.3 million so far, and the fundraiser's website makes it quite simple to donate.

How to Donate to Hasan's Turkey-Syria Earthquake Fund

Donations to earthquake relief may be made online at the fundraiser's official website. You may either enter a donation total you would like to receive, or you can click the gray box labeled "Donation Amount" to type out a specific amount of money you want to donate.

After you've completed your donation, click the large green “Next” button, which will prompt you for your name, email, and, if you'd like, a message to include to your donation. Once more, clicking the green “Next” button will take you to a page where you enter credit card information.

Hasan blames Turkish media for poor reporting on earthquake recovery fundraising efforts.

Trolls online attempted to spread phony information claiming that Hasan was making a profit for himself early in the life of the fundraiser. Hasan responded to those accusations by stating that he does not receive any donated money.

Instead, the money goes directly to the Turkish and Syrian relief organizations.