How to Find the Hogwarts Kitchen and Peel the Pear in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Find the Hogwarts Kitchen and Peel the Pear in Hogwarts Legacy ...

The Hogwarts kitchen is one of the most unique places in the whole castle. Not only do house elves dance in vats of food, but the way you get into it is only matched by how you enter each individual house common room.

You must tickle the pear on a painting to access the kitchen in Hogwarts Legacy, since it's located near the Hufflepuff common room and a Gryffindor-only quest.

For anyone who aren't in those houses or who simply don't know what they are looking for, we have the perfect guide for you.

In Legacy, finding the Hogwarts kitchen is a challenge.

When you select the Hogwarts flag, you must first figure out how to get to the kitchen. The Grand Staircase Floo Flame is located just across the street from the entrance.

After you've discovered the Grand Staircase Floo Flame location, you'll be faced with a descending staircase that's right across from an Arithmancy door and a large vase on the wall. The exact location of the staircase is shown below.

From the top floor of the stairs, you will see a large painting of some fruit, as shown in the screenshot below.

Go up to this painting, and you'll see an option to "Tickle the pear." Press the button prompt that appears on the screen next to the text, and a cutscene will play where the pear does, in fact, get tickled.

The door will open up, revealing the entire Hogwarts kitchen. You may explore the kitchen, talk to some house elf, and try out some of the food before it's served.

If you return out of the kitchen and take a left to go further down the hall, you will see Hufflepuff's common room, which is hidden behind the glass shelves. No non-Hufflepuff student may enter the common room.