Every Apex player wants to see a Worlds Edge Fragment rework

Every Apex player wants to see a Worlds Edge Fragment rework ...

It appears Respawn will have delivered on a lot of what players have desired once season 16 of Apex Legends is released this week.

The legends have all been reorganized and reworked according to their class, a new Mixtape LTM playlist is replacing Arenas, and the title's first new weapon in over a year looks poised to shake up the meta.

Respawn should correct some of the maps in order to maintain competitive equilibrium, according to some Apex fans. The Fragment area on World's Edge has long been a source of conflict for Apex fans, with many remaining confused why the popular POI hasn't received any recent updates.

Both parts of Fragment are so well-known that it is that World's Edge's pacing is usually sporadic.

Despite a vocal Apex player on Reddit, it appears that a straightforward solution may have been under all of our noses this entire time.

BlackhawkRogueNinjaX's Reddit post suggests that a quick solution might be to substitute both Fragment East and Fragment West for the Climatizer POI.

In a Reddit thread, BlackhawkRogueNinjaX stated, "I put the map in MS Paint and cut a square out of the whole North East of the map." "I just rotated it 180 degrees, so Fragment swaps effectively with Climatiser. Moving it to the outskirts preserves the 'Fun' POI, but discourages it from moving there.

The suggestion of BlackhawkRogueNinjaX received plenty of favorable reviews online before long.

“Would absolutely fix the map,” a Redditor commented. “Idk how they have left WE in its current state for so long.” “If you don't get a reply from a Respawn employee in this thread, I'll be surprised,” another wrote.

Others questioned whether the move would fit within the game's lore. "It's sucked, so they fixed it," BlackhawkRogueNinjaX said to one reply.

Ultimately, many will be interested in seeing what changes are made to World's Edge, if at all. According to leaks and rumors, the return of the Mirage Voyage POI may affect the season 16 of the game.

The next Apex Revelry event will be held on Tuesday, February 14.