Cursed Go glitch terrifies players as new Magikarp and Gyarados OCG cards make a comeback in Pokmon

Cursed Go glitch terrifies players as new Magikarp and Gyarados OCG cards make a comeback in Pokmon ...

Glitches can be frightening at times. After encountering one that put them in a stadium filled with gigantic eyes staring into their soul, a Pokémon Go trainer learned that the hard way.

As the Pokémon OCG release nears, two additional cards from the upcoming Triplet Beat subset, Magikarp and Gyarados, have been revealed.

Trainers are begging Niantic to include a method to dispose of unwanted eggs on the Pokémon Go game, which currently does not exist. This might result in a loss of event eggs.

Sinister Gaze was used in the stadium.It was amazing....

A Pokémon Go trainer was shocked when a strange glitch caused the entire stadium where their Gym Battle took place to be covered in pairs of eyes doing what appeared to be a Sinister Gaze. It's unclear how or why it happened, nor is it clear what caused the texture. Some trainers suggested the eyes might have resembled Carracosta based on their size, shape, and color.

Whatever the case, it certainly gave the trainer a scare, a sentiment shared by others who were unfortunate enough to witness it. It would have been appropriate if it had been Friday the 13th or Halloween, rather than Valentine’s Day.

Triplet Beat subset includes Revamped Magikarp and Gyarados cards.

Another pair of upcoming Pokémon OCG cards from the Triplet Beat subset has been released by PokéBeach, this time, two Generation I Pokémon, Magikarp and Gyrados. The Magikarp card is extremely weak, as you would expect, and it only deals 10 damage unless the player flips a coin that land on heads twice in a row, causing it to deal 30 damage.

Gyarados is a far more powerful player, with 180 HP and two powerful moves, Revenge Storm, which deals 80 damage or 180 damage if the player has more prize cards than their opponent, and Berserker Tackle, which deals 200 damage but inflicts 50 damage on him.

Pokémon Go instructors are beginning to look for a strategy to eliminate eggs.

Pokémon Go instructors love the act of acquiring and hatching eggs, but they do not enjoy it when they acquire an abundance of eggs with no other strategy than to hatch them naturally or with incubators.

When trainers are attempting to clear their inventory in order to make room for event-themed eggs, such as in the upcoming Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn global event, they're urging Niantic to provide a mechanism for them to remove unwanted eggs.

Some claim that it will never happen because charging instructors to purchase incubators to resolve the problem is too lucrative. Others disagree, stating that in no Pokémon title there is no way to discard eggs, presumably because it is 'unjust.'