Loverwatch Overwatch 2 dating sim rewards

Loverwatch Overwatch 2 dating sim rewards ...

In Loverwatch: Love Never Dies, you must collaborate with your team to win. However, with Valentine's Day approaching, you also have the chance to win something even greater: the hearts of two Overwatch heroes, Genji and Mercy.

Loverwatch: Love Never Dies is a free and funny Overwatch dating simulation game that's text-based. It's similar to most dating simulations or visual novels, except you must select the appropriate dialogue bubbles to defeat the main characters.

So, what rewards may you earn in Loverwatch?

Rewards for Loverwatch are now available.

Make sure you're signed in to your Blizzard account on the Loverwatch website before playing Loverwatch. You will earn special Overwatch 2 rewards as you complete each character's storyline.

Included are the following unlockable freebies:

  • Genji’s Peace: Icon, Title, and Intro.
  • Mercy’s Angel: Icon, Title, and Intro.
  • Cupid’s Arrow: Icon, Title.
  • Valentine Cards: One to Sixteen.
  • Card Fronts: One to Fourteen.

On the main Loverwatch page, you may see your rewards by clicking on the "rewards" tab. They will be displayed in your account within 48 hours after you claim them.

You'll need to get the secret ending in Loverwatch, which involves successfully wooing both Genji and Mercy.

If you have the Loverwatch intro, you may also get the highlighted intro by purchasing the Cupid Hanzo bundle, which costs less if you get it.