In Overwatch 2, how do you get the Hanzo Cupid skin?

In Overwatch 2, how do you get the Hanzo Cupid skin? ...

Overwatch 2 designers have provided new challenges, modes, and stunning skins to fill players' inventories. Valentine's Day has made a triumphant comeback in OW2, with new cosmetics and community-made game modes.

With Hanzo's latest Valentine's Day skin, players can hook up with their special someone and win a prize.

The Legendary Cupid skin for Hanzo has been freely released for the Valentine's Day event by the Blizzard overlords, and it's certainly going to turn some heads.

This is the way you can dress to impress for Valentine's Day. As usual, it'll cost you a lot of money.

In Overwatch 2, how do I get Hanzo's Legendary Cupid skin?

If you want to stun your duo, you may get your hands on Hanzo's Legendary Cupid skin in the store. It will only cost 1,500 Overwatch coins, but it will remain attached to your inventory.

As a part of the season three battle pass, this new Hanzo skin can be stacked alongside your old Kiriko Amaterasu Mythic skin.

This year's Valentine's celebration leaves the chocolate and flowers behind, along with a new Hanzo cosmetic. It introduces players to new skins and a romantic, new Loverwatch mode that allows heartthrob gamers to capture the essence of Mercy or Genji.