In Overwatch 2's dating sim Loverwatch, learn how to romance Genji

In Overwatch 2's dating sim Loverwatch, learn how to romance Genji ...

Loverwatch: Love Never Dies, an Overwatch dating sim game that celebrates Valentine's Day. Every decision you make will affect the outcome and determine whether or not you've triumphed over the hero.

Although this game is official, it is non-canon. However, it is enjoyable and replayable, and you may earn great Overwatch in-game rewards.

This is how to love Genji in Loverwatch.

In Loverwatch, how do you do it?

When you enter Laff Attic, you may choose between the heroes, Genji or Mercy. For this storyline, you must choose Genji. From here, you must woo him across three dates or locations: the Laff Attic, the Café Azur Date, and the Nepal Date.

Once you have selected Genji, you'll have your first choice: express your thoughts. So, you must choose love-struck.

Hanzo, dressed as Cupid, will greet you while you're dreaming about Genji. He will start by asking you whether or not you like Genji, and you must answer with Yes, I want to win Genji's heart!

Hanzo seems to think it's not the best idea because Genji can be difficult. Yeesh, you're being overly judgmental.

After much arguing, he offers to assist you in wooing Genji. While you're flummoxed by the fact you're talking to him, the chibi version of Cupid Hanzo reminds you that your choices matter. You must then select the option,... I really like your outfit. Genji thanks you for the compliment and says that your name reminds him of a game. You respond with I love that game.

You'll then talk about Genji's origins, and he asks you to sit down. However, Hanzo tells you to perform on stage, and you must reply, "Here's the deal!"

While on stage, you have a couple of joke choices. Genji is both a ninja and a cyborg, so you may choose either one because he believes both are funny. You must then tell him that laughing was the aim.

Genji will smile and ask you if you want to meet him on a date—here, you absolutely want to go. Cupid then offers his opinion on your date.

When you arrive at the café, Genji is already waiting for you. And Hanzo is there to mock Genji for wearing the same shirt he wore to the comedy club. To this, you must choose the answer, If I owned a hoodie that cool I'd wear it every chance I got.

When Genji asks how your journey was, you reply with I had lots of time for gaming. And when it comes time to order food, you'll choose Genji's Favorite Food, which is Rikimaru Ramen.

When you prepare your meal, you'll notice it's not in the correct bowl. This makes Genji so apprehensive. At this point, ask him, is everything okay? Next, he'll say, I'm so sorry, Genji. Hold his hand.

After you eat your food, Genji asks how you'd feel about going somewhere special for your next date. Your response should be, Anywhere that's special to you is special to me. He will then invite you to Nepal.

Ask him what's in Nepal? Genji will reply quickly and leave. This is the conclusion of your second date.

Hanzo is there for a quick pep chat as you climb the mountain. It doesn't matter what you choose, but thanking him for his help seems to be the appropriate move.

Genji will greet you when you get to a village; he'll ask you what you thought of the hike. The next choice isn't grammatically correct; it's an error on Blizzard's end. But you'll have to choose the one that says, "It was worth it to be with you."

Genji will then take you to meet his master, Zenyatta. The next set of choices does not affect the ending, so you may choose which one you like the most, like the fist bump. Zenyatta then proceeds to embarrass Genji and talk about his difficulties. And will quickly excuse himself, leaving you alone with Genji. He then asks you, do you believe it is possible to know your true self?

After a heartfelt exchange, you may choose to be Genji's pal or lover. You must select the option "Accept Genji's Love." And now, you have won Genji's heart.

This is how to date Genji in Overwatch 2, the dating app, despite there being a lot of choices.