Before Lightfall in Destiny 2, here are 11 useful things to do

Before Lightfall in Destiny 2, here are 11 useful things to do ...

The Vanguard will be brought to Neomuna, a cyberpunk-themed metropolis besieged by Calus and the Witness, and the Vanguard will do its best to prevent its advances. Of course, there is no harm in planning ahead.

Players may take the Witch Queen and its seasons to chase weapons and god rolls before Lightfall is released and starts Year Six of Destiny 2.

Und, of course, don't forget to channel your inner Marie Kondo and make room for all the weapons and armor you'll find in Lightfall.

This article will teach you how to prepare for the next expansion.

Before Lightfall in Destiny 2, here's what you should do.

Before Lightfall launches, it's important to have the correct weapons and gear. This includes seasonal quests and titles as well as hunting weapons that may be gone soon. It's also helpful to know what to expect from the Lightfall sandbox, so you'll notice why your linear fusion rifles aren't firing as hard as they should.

The Witch Queen's campaign is unique in its own right, and it also introduced fans to the main narrative foil in Lightfall: The Witness: This mysterious entity has been drafting the help of its Disciples to conquer the Sol System, and the seasonal narratives in Year Five illustrate this narrative.

Season of the Risen heralded the beginning of Calus as a Disciple, which ended the season after that. Season of Plunder gave us the tools to wake up Osiris, who promptly shared a hint in Savathûn's memories, which leads to Neptune, which we now know to be the location of the Lightfall city of Neomuna.

Season stories require you to do other seasonal activities, which in turn give you plenty of currency to spend on Umbral focusing. If you're still looking for those last rolls or Patterns for seasonal weapons, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Bungie has made the Deepsight vendor count count weekly rather than daily, so you can still acquire at least one Deepsight copy of a weapon from each season per day as long as you have the currency for it. If you're quick, you can level those weapons while you're doing your activity to unlock the rewards you'll need ahead of Lightfall.

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Lightfall will make some significant changes to buildcrafting, but you may want to get some high-stat armor before the expansion drops. Armor pieces with high stats drop from several sources, but focusing Engrams from Season of the Risen and Haunted will give you armor with high spikes.

Don't forget to get a Ghost mod related to what you want, because this should make it much easier to focus on what you need. This method doesn't have a time gate, so you may keep focusing armor pieces as long as you have the currency and the Umbral Engrams.

How to Get High-stat Armor in Destiny 2

When Lightfall arrives, artifice armor pieces will also have their own mod slot, which gives players a +3 to a stat of their choice instead of the added mod slot. The end of a season, when you're already at a high Power level, is the perfect time for trying your RNG with a solid piece and even better stat distribution.

Again, don't forget to use the appropriate Ghost mod to even the odds in your favor. Grasp of Avarice and Duality are only available when they're in rotation, but Master Spire of the Watcher is available as long as it's the highest dungeon.

If you want to skip some of the artifact grind and get some season pass levels early, you can stock up on some bounty from the previous season and open them when Lightfall launches to get a boost in Power. Weekly bounties award more than dailies, and repeatable bounties award more than dailies.

If you have already purchased your season pass, there isn't much harm in saving some gear for Lightfall, but keep in mind that you may need to save space for campaign and seasonal quests, and don't take off your Ghost experience mod.

The Seraph's Shield is one of Destiny 2's best short missions recently. Unfortunately, for players, it's apparently going away with Lightfall, according to the Feb. 9 This Week at Bungie blog post, meaning the window to enjoy the mission is closing. Due to the fact that most Season of the Seraph content is also moving to the Destiny Content Vault, it's unclear what the process for acquiring and upgrading Revision Zero will look like in Lightfall.

If you haven't already tried Operation: Seraph's Shield, there's a good possibility that it'll be simpler to acquire Revision Zero in the next expansion. (Or if you're interested in making one last visit to the Seraph Station).

The expansion of Lightfall and Year Six will bring a variety of weapons to Destiny 2, and guardians will need the space to store them all (you can't rent extra storage space in the Last City), so it's up to you to clear out the clutter. Even if you don't need your five copies of Prolonged Engagement, there are likely to be a few weapons or armor pieces you won't need when Lightfall launches.

Destiny Item Manager (DIM) is recommended by professionals for a truly efficient vault cleaning. Destiny Recipes allows you to quickly pick what you need to keep and what you want to destroy, and DIM allows you to quickly remove items.

If you have done enough rituals, chances are you'll have a few Engrams on each vendor. These will disappear when Lightfall launches, so be sure to focus them on anything you might need or even decode them straight away if you're just looking for Legendary Shards.

Commander Zavala, Lord Shaxx, and the Drifter are all familiar names, but don't forget Banshee-44 and Saint-14.

Ada-1 limits you to ten transmog bonuses per season, so anything that goes over the limit is almost wasted. If you're already at max, though, you may spend your Synthweave on additional ornaments and refill your stock by finishing those bounties.

The last weeks of a season might be the perfect opportunity to finish some seasonal challenges. Depending on what you're doing, you can earn points for many objectives at the same time, and if you complete 72 objectives, you'll earn 4,000 Bright Dust. Individual challenges also earn some Bright Dust and XP, so it may also be worthwhile to pursue them.

This is also the last opportunity you'll get to see seasonal seals—Risen, Reaper, Scallywag, and Seraph—that are available by participating in each season's activities. Get them before they go away for good.

Lightfall is making several significant changes to balancing, including a redesign of the buildcrafting system as well as several enhancements to weapon classes and some Exotics. And that's all there is to it.

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Bungie announced in a blog post in February that Lightfall would be unavailable for maintenance between 11am CT and 11am CT on Tuesday, February 28. You have until then to finish up anything you may have missed. The downside is that players may preload Lightfall, making it even easier to get started in the server queue quicker.