How to Get Your VALORANT Voice Chat Working?

How to Get Your VALORANT Voice Chat Working? ...

Communication is the foundation of VALORANT and can often be the difference between winning and losing an intense match. Being unable to hear or communicate with your teammates can be detrimental, significantly reducing your chances of success.

When problems arise, there are a few strategies to troubleshoot your audio settings, including ensuring the issue is not on your side and assisting you in resolving the issue quickly.

When VALORANT voice chat and communications aren't working, here are the best ways to fix them.

How to Get Rid of VALORANT voice chat

When troubleshooting voice chat, you should first check your audio settings. Make sure your output and input device settings match the devices you intend to use, as a wrong device might prevent you from hearing and communicating with your colleagues. Additionally, make sure that party chat is enabled if you're playing with a group.

Another common issue is that your PC's audio settings are incorrectly configured, hindering your microphone or devices from functioning in VALORANT. Double-check your audio settings to ensure your devices are selected and enabled. Also check for updates.

VALORANT may not be able to run correctly due to permissions being revoked, thus preventing essential functions from being disabled throughout the process. The best way to remedy this situation is to launch the game as an administrator. Simply right-click VALORANT's icon and select the "Run as administrator" option when starting the game.

When games launch, they can be a bit slow, causing a myriad of problems. Restarting VALORANT can sometimes resolve these problems, although it isn't a guaranteed remedy.