The LCS is superior to any other software in the world

The LCS is superior to any other software in the world ...

Riot Games is working to reinvigorate the LCS with fresh concepts, but the region is still chastised for almost every hiccup by League of Legends fans. On February 13, LS joined Travis Gafford's podcast and talked about how he believes the region is having its best year yet.

LS believes the region is far better than it has ever been this year, from the stage to the new segments. Riot's efforts to make the North American league more immersive and enjoyable to watch

LS said the stage appears to be very nice. It helps you become more immersed in the experience. “It's interesting to see the segments that they did, especially since I loved the QTCinderella segment.”

Riot and LCS have never done anything like that before, according to him. “I think the direction of going that route in a lot of ways is beneficial. Full-blown segments on the actual players are all really helpful,” he said.

LS believes these steps are akin to an increase, making the broadcast more enjoyable and enjoyable to watch. Due to these engaging segments, viewers have increased even during breaks.

The LCS leaderboard this year is also fun to watch. LS believes LCS has a good flow right now.

"Like Dignitas completely floundering, Team Liquid trying to figure out what's going on with CLG, I mean LCS is interesting in that regard," said the speaker.

As a result, LS feels horrified by the unnecessary LCS drama unfolding on social media platforms over the last few weeks. “It’s like people have to suffer mental blows and it’s almost for nothing. It just feels really brutal,” LS said.

During the February 4 broadcast, LS was referring to the TSM and Doublelift segment, which received widespread outrage from the League community. Fans felt the way LeTigress handled the situation was far too soft, because it involved the alleged abuse of TSM players and staff members. However, Riot maintained its silence on the issue until it was far too late.

Tomorrow, February 15, the 2023 LCS Spring Split will be held at 4pm CT, pitting Evil Geniuses against 100 Thieves.