In Overwatch 2, why was Numbani removed?

In Overwatch 2, why was Numbani removed? ...

Numbani is one of Overwatch's most-loved maps, with vibrant colors, a familiar music theme, and fun strategic corners.

However, it has been a while since it was included in the game's map rotation. Many gamers wanted to explore the map in customized matches because they liked the game.

There, they realized that the map had been simply removed from Overwatch. Here's why.

In Overwatch 2, why was Numbani dismissed?

Numbani does not appear in Overwatch 2's custom game options and hasn't returned to the map rotation since the recently-released Season Three.

Fans of 2CP maps like Hanamura are worried that many maps that aren't coming back to the game are in custom game options.

Numbani has been removed from the game by the developers until now. It's unlikely that players will see it again until Season 4 at the earliest.

Overwatch 2's level designer cites three reasons for the game's new map pools.

The developers may have been experimenting with bug fixes and adjustments in the map in preparation for its return in Overwatch 2, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

In a screengrab shared by content creator Stylosa, he showed that the airport spawn was altered in the map in early February. Some speculated it was a way for Blizzard to tease a new map in Gdansk, Poland because it was added to Numbani's spawn.

This isn't exactly what the title implies, though. Numbani may return with a special event sometime in Season Four. The creator also suggested eliminating map rotations in the future, which would allow it to reintroduce every playable map at once. This might be included in the next version of Numbani.