Mercy is a dating game set in Overwatch 2

Mercy is a dating game set in Overwatch 2 ...

With a special dating sim called Loverwatch, Overwatch 2 is kicking off Valentine's Day in an unusual way. Players can become friends with or romance two popular heroes in this event-exclusive minigame, called Genji and Mercy.

There are a few essential things to give to players who wish to pursue romance in Loverwatch. Here's how to get a romantic relationship with Genji, and here's how to do it if you choose Mercy.

Mercy is a game that lets you date Overwatch 2.

Mercy will be available to you as soon as you reach the first location in Loverwatch's story. By selecting the "It's Mercy!" dialogue option, you can choose her rather than Genji to begin romancing him.

The first dialogue options in Loverwatch are fairly straightforward: when you see Cupid, choose the option "Love-struck." Then, continue with "I think so!" until Cupid appears. After this, you can choose "Yes, I want to win Mercy's heart."

In the course of the quiz, things will become a bit harder. You can answer whatever you want until the quiz starts; both first answers will not affect the rest of the story; you may choose which name, even the wrong one, and then whatever favorite food of the medic.

When Cupid asks you about Mercy's study area, you'll have to answer "This is rigged! There are no right answers!" You'll have to keep things simple. If you can't, simply say hi, you'll have to go further.

Cupid will give you a microphone. This will be your moment. Choose “Why doesn’t the surgeon like operating on elbows?” Simply continue with “Hey Dr. Ziegler”.

After Cupid congratulates you for your wooing abilities, you can become a bit more ambitious. Tell her, "Has anyone ever told you you're smart and funny?"

Mercy will be late right at the start of the next location, and you'll have to answer with "Happens to the best of us." Cupid will immediately congratulate you again. Choose "Order the bircher muesli" as it's included in the Overwatch cookbook.

Continue the conversation by saying, "What hobbies do you enjoy?" and have a nice conversation with her. She'll open up to you when you decide "What does being a hero feel like?" next.

Select the next answer "I need you, Angela," and you'll receive all of the right answers for your first encounter with Mercy. It'll go to the next rendezvous with the medic on her turf.

This other date will be a little tricky, so be careful and seek out the appropriate answers. Be courageous and choose to pursue the option "Drink it enthusiastically." You'll unsurprisingly meet Ana at this point, and you'll talk to her with Mercy.

This time, you'll need to be bold and introduce yourself as Mercy's date. Select the answer "Date. I'm Angela's Date." Ana will be polite and respectfully leave you both alone.

Cupid will appear once again and declare how impressed he is. You can be confident that you'll confirm your success and progress further. After that, you'll want to continue following her. This moment is crucial to your ending or choice.

If gaining her heart isn't enough, you'll receive reward for your troubles: a Mercy's Angel icon, a Valentine's Card, and a Card Front. Create a account and watch your rewards appear within 48 hours.