Fortnite's Most Wanted Quests and Rewards

Fortnite's Most Wanted Quests and Rewards ...

We visited the island with Ariana Grande, witnessed Skywalker's rise, had the honor of posing the legendary Kamehameha, and witnessed our worlds unravel in front of our very eyes. The Most Wanted event will be included as rewards along with a quest to earn those neat cosmetics.

So, without further ado, we present to you al Most Wanted quests and rewards you may earn in the next patch v.23.40.

Fortnite's Most Wanted Quests

QuestNumber of times you need to do action to complete the quest/ necessary items/ damage dealtExperience gains
Raise Heat LevelFour1500
Purchase weapons from Ace’s Exotics or Ace’s Armory vending machines101000
Collect a Vault Keycard dropped by a defeated Cold Blooded BossOne1500
Visit named locations containing a Cold Blooded VaultThree1250
Collect Gold Bars20001000
Spend Gold Bars on weapons or services in different matchesFive1500
Search Safes or Cash RegistersFour1000
Damage opponents using exotics and unvaulted weapons10001000
Collect a Heavy Sniper or Boom Sniper RifleOne750
Complete Inter and Recon questsSevenN/A
Search ammo boxes101000
Gather foraged items131000
Heist the Intel and Recon Cold Blooded Medallion to unlock additional questsOneN/A
Destroy structures or objects using Explosives251000
Reach Max Heat Level in different matchesThree1500
Claim a named location containing a Cold Blooded VaultOne1250
Damage opponents within 10 meters with a Shotgun or SMG5001000
Hire a characterThree1250
Damage players with a Pistol within a single match3001250
Eliminate members of the Cold BloodedFive1500
Throw and detonate a Gas CanTwo750
Increase your Heat Level by using a Burner Pay PhoneOne1000
Complete Going in Loud questsSevenN/A
Thank the Bus DriverThree1000
Gain shields5001000
Heist the Going in Loud Cold Blooded Medallion to unlock additional questsOneN/A
Emote withing 10 meters of a member of the Cold BloodedOne750
Damage Opponents with a Sniper Rifle5001000
Search chests before taking any damage101500
Eliminate opponents with a Suppressed Pistol or Shadow TrackerTwo1250
Damage opponents while inside of a big bush or leaf pile2001250
Use a Flare Gun to mark opponentsFive1000
Hide in a dumpster, a hay stack, or a flusherTwo1000
Collect gold bars from eliminated players1501250
Survive storm phases at full healthFive1500
Complete Going in Quiet quests Seven N/A
Travel distance while swimming2001000
Damage opponents while crouched3001000
Heist the Going in Quiet Cold Blooded Medallion to unlock additional quests OneN/A
Spend Gold Bars50001000
Open up a Cold Blooded Vault using a Vault KeycardOne2000
Emote inside of a Cold Blooded VaultOne750
Complete Cracking the Vault questsSevenN/A
Deal damage to opponents from above5001000
Use Bandages and MedkitsThree1000
Collect Heisted Exotic weaponsSeven1000
Assist in defeating Cold Blooded bossesThree1500
Search Cold Blooded CoffersFive 15001500
Search Supply DropsTwo1000
Collect Gold Bars in a single match500750
Eliminate opponents with an Exotic weaponFive1000
Purchase the Rift Service from inside a vaultOne1000
Complete Clean Getaway questsSevenN/A
Travel distance in a vehicle5001000
Use ziplines or AscendersFive1000
Mantle objects while under the effects of Slap10750
Damage opponents while riding a Dir Bike2001000
Travel distance while sprinting and at Max Heat level10001250
Damage opponents while sliding2001000
Get seconds of air time while riding a Dirt Bike301000
Reach a speed of 70 in a vehicleOne1000
Ride in different vehicles in a single match Three1250
Survive storm phases while carrying an exotic weaponFive2000

Fortnite's Most Wanted Rewards

After you complete the Most Wanted quests, you'll be able to collect various rewards, such as backblinks, skins, and wraps.

When you complete a quest related to a reward, all of these rewards are free. So, grab your time and jump on the Battle Bus to complete the quests and earn these exclusive rewards.