Fortnite's best way to get a free Ace outfit

Fortnite's best way to get a free Ace outfit ...

Fortnite has received Patch v23.40, which includes new quests and rewards that are part of the Most Wanted event. Players will get to experience a new Fortnite experience with the new Heat mechanic throughout the event.

Heat is a continuation of the Wanted levels from the Grand Theft Auto series, which aim to broaden the scope of action in each match. Along with new quests and mechanics, there will also be skins that players will work towards unlocking before they depart.

One of these skins is the Ace outfit, which is one of the event's main characters. Here's how you can do it.

In Fortnite, how do you get the free Ace skin?

By completing the Most Wanted challenge in Fortnite, players can earn a free Ace skin. The Ace skin will be automatically added to your collection.

While most event cosmetics are exclusive offers, these skins may be brought back to the game in the future. This allows players who missed out on the event to acquire these skins in exchange for V-Bucks. It's generally a good idea to unlock skins during an event if you like them.

The Ace skin isn't the only cosmetic that became available with v23.40. There are more skins and cosmetics coming, making the patch an excellent mid-season event.