For Fortnite v23.40, here are some notes and fixes

For Fortnite v23.40, here are some notes and fixes ...

Epic Games wants to wreak havoc on the island as the Cold Blooded syndicate takes over, hiding Exotic Weapons in highly-secured vaults in the upcoming Fortnite event—Most Wanted. The event will begin on February 14 and will continue until February 28.

With this event, you'll have a slew of new quests to complete as well as free rewards to collect, such as Cash Stash back bling, The Vault Guardian pickaxe, and the Gold Blooded Ace outfit.

Update v23.40 includes a new set of Reality Augments, a new weapon called Suppressed Pistol making a comeback from the vault, and a new feature called Heat. Fortnite NA-Central server

The Fortnite v23.40 update includes a lot of information.

With the Most Wanted event on the island, things are heating up on the island.

The Most Wanted event marks the beginning of a heist era in Fortnite as players attempt to defeat Cold Blooded bosses and heist weapons from Cold Blooded Vaults in the heat of the moment with a new mechanic called Heat.

Exotic weapons may be obtained by defeating Cold Blooded bosses or obtaining Vault Keycards to unlock the vaults in high-security Cold Blooded vaults. However, beware as Cold Blooded members will be guarding the vaults and entering them will be a difficult task. Here's a list of Exotic weapons you can find in Cold Blooded Vaults after you overcome all of those obstacles.

Players who open Cold Blooded Vaults and eliminate enemy players will start getting heated. Each level of Heat will increase your movement speed and shield and health regeneration, but Cold Blooded members will become more hostile, and other players will recognize you more clearly in the environment.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your heat levels:

After patch v23.40 is released, you will not be killing members of Cold Blooded society for fun, but you'll be able to unlock new event rewards, such as the Cash Stash back bling, the Gold Blooded Ace pickaxe, and the next set of quests.

If you want even more freebies, you can participate in the Most Wanted Leaderboards Challenge by opening as many Cold Blooded Vaults as you can when the leaderboard goes live on February 16.

Unvaulted weapons make a grand entrance into the open battlefield.

  • Hand Cannon
  • Dual Pistols
  • Heavy Sniper
  • Hop Rock Dualies
  • Suppressed Pistol
  • Boom Sniper Rifle

New Reality Enhancements

Receive a random Heisted Exotic weapon. (This Reality Augment will remain until update for v23.50.)

The Sniper Rifles will now have one extra ammo in their magazine. (This Reality Augment will remain until the end of v23.50.)

Grants two Keys for opening Holo-Chests (Tip: Exotic Holo-Chests contain a Heisted Exotic) in Fortnite Most Wanted.

The last two bullets in your Pistol's magazines do extra damage.

Server NA-Central

Your region will have its own server for all players residing in Mexico and the Central United States. The server will be located in Dallas, Texas, United States, and here's the link to the official article.

The hardware identifications have changed.

Epic will have to cancel the account in question beginning February 14. Any lovebirds who cannot separate themselves from devices that either conceal or alter the device's hardware will be issued a warning during the game and will eventually be removed from the game.

Details about this update may be found here.

Competitive notes

  • FNCS Major one continues to take place over v23.40. Check the Compete tab in-game for more information.
  • Fortnite Most Wanted’s Heisted Exotic weapons, returning weapons, and Heat are not included in competitive playlists.
  • The Exotic Grab Bag and Sniper Surplus Reality Augments are not included in competitive playlists.

Bug fixes are quite substantial.

  • Fixed the issue that caused us to disable the Shadow Striker Reality Augment. This Reality Augment is now re-enabled.