SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 2 spoilers: Bravo Team's Future

SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 2 spoilers: Bravo Team's Future ...

Do you want to know more about SEAL Teamseason 6 episode 2 after the huge, emotional premiere on Paramount+?

First thing that should be clear at this point is that Bravo Team's future will never be the same. At the conclusion of the premiere, we learned that Clay had a leg amputated. That is quite the opposite of leaving the field when you have to. He was about to do that.

Jason Hayes' story is going to be centered around guilt. He knows why Clay was injured in the field, and this is a life-changing incident that occurred while he was out in command. We hope that he keeps himself open to others rather than pushing others away; weve seen time and time again this character do that and, of course, were concerned that he would do that again.

Raffi Barsoumian will play Omar in the near future. He was described as a Senior Chief with fifteen years of experience in the military. The problem here for Bravo is that they may not connect immediately. Theres a good possibility that Clay will be missing, so do you think that they'll start listening to someone else?

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