Interview with SEAL Team members on the cliffhanger aftermath and Clay's future

Interview with SEAL Team members on the cliffhanger aftermath and Clay's future ...

After a long wait, theSEAL Teamseason 6 premiere has arrived on Paramount+ today, and it's fair to be sad by the end.

Consider what happened! The good news is that Clay Spenser survived the ambush at the end of season 5, although his leg and foot were amputated. This has an impact on his entire life, not just how much time he spends with Bravo. This is not the end of Clay's story, as he will continue to play throughout the rest of season 6.

Part 2 of our premiere interview with Clay is available at the link below.

Matt and Jess TV At the end of this episode, we learn the harsh truth about Clays' injury, and I feel like there will be a lot of teary eyes out there. What drove the decision to have this story conclude with this amputation?

Spencer Hudnut This is one of the most fun episodes weve ever produced. Christopher Chulack, the film crew, and all of the actors they really brought their A-games, especially Max. Ive wanted to have one of our SEALs get injured in the battlefield in a way that keeps them off the battlefield. Thats been on my mind for a long time.

I think last season, I started talking to Max about it, especially now that Clay is married and has a kid. The stakes are so high for him. He makes this decision to withdraw at the end of season 5, but now that choice is ripped away from him. It's different from choosing to withdraw.

This story is inspired by men who theyve worked with who have suffered these devastating injuries. It's been an ongoing process for me; with the uncertainty surrounding Max's schedule [with Fire Country], it was really the only way to move forward as a production, while still allowing us to continue moving forward as a team. I wanted them to not be content to escape the game and be fine. There had to be consequences.

As Clay went on the mission largely to watch over him, we already knew that Jason harbored a lot of guilt. Now that he's learned about these specific consequences for Clay, how will that impact him?

From the start of the show, Clay and Jason have been so enticing. Season 5 was so much about them on a collision course over Jasons TBI, and it was Clay who intervened and helped Jason face the challenge. We saw Jason do SO much work on himself, not just with the TBI, but with Mandy, in an effort to place Jason first on Bravo One.

Jason blames himself for Bravo members who are hurt or killed, even on operations he wasnt on. Clay probably would have gone on family leave if he had not done his job. Its going to derail Jason's progress this season, and it's a big issue for him. Does he isolate himself and let others like Clay or Mandy help him overcome his guilt?

Mandy is always a delight to see her back on the show, and she was a part of the premiere. Will we continue to see her here and there throughout the season?

She is a good example of a Jason versus Bravo One struggle that is going to emerge on top. Shes a sign that hes putting himself first. Its the line of work theyre in. There is always that question whether or not they'll ever find that balance.

We'll soon meet Raffi [Barsoumians] as a new member of the Team. What can you say about him?

He offers a different perspective on our team. Obviously when Bravo loses Clay, the thought is that they will go to the Green Team, similar to what they did with Vic and Clay. The fact that Bravo brings in a more experienced operator really messes with the team's chemistry. Hes a little bit of a threat to various players just because hes jumping the line.

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