Final Fantasy XIV players share their love and friendship stories developed by the MMO

Final Fantasy XIV players share their love and friendship stories developed by the MMO ...

On this special day, couples around the world are expressing their love for one another. Final Fantasy XIV is packed with fun screengrabs, exchange presents, and get to experience everything the game has to offer.

The Final Fantasy XIV team created a heartwarming story in the form of a limited-time event, which allows players to recreate a new Valentine's Day tradition and earn some rewards in the process. There's also a fun instance after the main quest that puts players in a maze and requires them to cooperate in a memory game.

Some players have gone to the next level by sharing their own experiences of playing with loved ones in the game ahead of love day. Both romantic couples and strongly bonded friends have been sharing their stories on social media.

Final Fantasy XIV has created a great deal of love across state lines.

Roybles and Migi met at the end of 2015, shortly after the Heavensward expansion was released. The two eventually moved Worlds to Balmung, where he met Migi. One day, Roybles went into a Mumble voice channel to say hi during a Halloween event their Free Company was doing.

“Migi put me on the spot and asked me to do my best witch laugh. I was initially hesitant at first, but I sucked it up and did it to the agreement of everybody,” Roybles said of Dot Esports.

Migi has since moved from Georgia to Arizona to spend his time with him. The two attribute Final Fantasy XIV as the center of their lives, and they are celebrating their seventh anniversary this year.

Namazus in love, just a couple of them

Kitrhi and her partner Belwar also moved across the country to be with each other and met in Final Fantasy XIV while they were patronizing one of the many nightlife venues.

“We met at a venue randomly one night and then became good friends,” Kithri told Dot Esports. Fast forward [three] years and I am managing the FC venues with him, moving servers, and travelling across the country for us to be together.

The two operate a restaurant and a minion battling arena in the game, and they receive commissions to decorate player housing. They also like to fish, collect, and craft, and can sometimes be seen causing havoc around Eorzea while handing out minions to new players.

Final Fantasy XIV celebrates Valentine's Day with a number of people.

The Final Fantasy XIV Valentione's Day event isn't just for lovers; it's also for those who love to honor emotional bonds between friends, especially those who have gone far distances just to see one another.

Crow Dalova traveled from Kansas to Ottawa last year for a week to pick up two other FC members and bring them to a wedding of another FC member. All three traveled to the wedding to attend it, but were also included in the wedding party.

Crow told Dot Esports that although he might have altered the way he planned the trip, and even though gas costs were at an all-time high, he still thinks about the adventure.

Crow said she was able to see not only some of her best pals, but also a lot of very cool things on the way there and back, including Lake Erie up close. "I wouldn't have had a reason to go there," she said.

Crow has a fourth friend from the game who he met at a convention who will come visit him again this year.

Final Fantasy XIV has countless stories of friendship, and Valentine's Day is a great opportunity for players to express their love for their friends, relatives, and loved ones. The Valentine's Day event ends tomorrow, so those who haven't yet should take a trip to see it before it expires.