This Massive 'Grand Theft Auto VI' Leak Is Not Fake, It's A Very Good One

This Massive 'Grand Theft Auto VI' Leak Is Not Fake, It's A Very Good One ...

A user on GTAForums, who claims to be also behind the recent Uber hack, has just dumped nearly 100 videos online that claimed to show development footage of Rockstars Grand Theft Auto VI.

The videos are very much in-development footage, with unfinished textures and models all over the place, and code playing out in real-time across many of them. The leaker is currently asking people what else they would like to see in future videos.

In one, a white male playable character meets a racist NPC by a poolside, and you can see the code required for the interaction playing out alongside the in-game action. In another, the woman characterIm only stating it like this because it would be a series firstexplores one of the series' famous strip clubs.

Another video shows the interior modeling of a car, one that shows a player carrying an AK-47 to some pursuing police cars.

Both actors collaborate to rob a diner and hold the patrons at gunpoint before the cops arrive, while others are in poor condition, and consist of little more than a featureless placeholder character moving around a blank landscape acting out combat animations as if covering.

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The validity of these clips is obviously in doubt, and fooling both the footage and the code running at the same time would be a lot of work for an internet prank. However, unless Rockstar replies (we will update as soon as we hear back), we will never know if it's real.

If it is true, then holy shit. Given the status of the game and the amount of footage, it would be one of the greatest games of all time, right up there with Half-Life 2.