GTA 6 Leaks Include Gameplay Video, Female Protagonist, and More

GTA 6 Leaks Include Gameplay Video, Female Protagonist, and More ...

New GTA 6 gameplay videos have been released, including the first look at the game's new open-world map.

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GTA 6 leaks show new robbery gameplay

The first leaked gameplay footage video shows a GTA 6s female protagonist involved in a robbery. Its test footage, which has been filmed since 2021, is unfinished, but it still demonstrates various gameplay elements, such as the ability to guide civilians while a robbery is taking place.

The second footage depicts a brief poolside chat between the male player-character and two NPCs. It also includes gameplay clips from the game.

The authenticity of the footage hasn't been verified, although the fully articulated conversations and new gameplay elements that are shown in the robbery scene are certainly convincing. If the file names are correct and the footage was captured in 2021, this would most likely indicate that this is an older version of the game, and may not be representative of the current state of the as-yet-unannounced game.

This new gameplay footage confirms that earlier reports back in July that GTA 6 would have a female protagonist. The game would also include two playable characters that would resemble the real-life criminal couple, Bonnie and Clyde.