In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you defeat the Pensieve Guardian and destroy the Pensieve Guardians orb?

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you defeat the Pensieve Guardian and destroy the Pensieve Guardians orb? ...

Hogwarts Legacy's main storyline is focused on the powerful and mysterious ancient magic that players possess. This unique ability will lead players into dangerous locations where they will have to face deadly foes like the Pensieve Guardian during Percival Rackham's Trial, and even have the chance to perform a unique dueling feat for destroying the Pensieve Guardian's orb.

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As players follow the main storyline in the game, they will be faced with the first major boss battle during the trial that Percival Rackham gives them. The initial sections of this quest will involve investigating the goblin presence in the area and navigating through a hidden Ancient Magic area before players will encounter a Pensieve Guardian boss.

This foe is massive, powerful, and the first extremely tough boss battle in Hogwarts Legacy. There are a few key strategies to keep an eye on, as well as a way to lessen the enormity of the fight by destroying the Pensieve Guardian's unique orb.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you beat the Pensieve Guardian?

In this battle, timing and patience are critical. To successfully defeat this foe, you'll want to use your basic attack as often as possible and dodge whenever you are asked to do so.

The Pensieve Guardian is incredibly powerful, so missing a dodge will cost you a substantial amount of health. Always drink Wiggenweld medicines if you need to, and try to keep your health at least half full or higher to ensure that you don't have to restart the entire battle if you are dealt a severe blow.

Always use your Ancient Magic meter when it is fully developed enough to use it. This is the most powerful and essential way to ensure your success during this battle, because hitting the Pensieve Guardian with Ancient Magic will temporally stun it. This gives you a temporary break from healing or a chance to strike at the boss with your entire arsenal of magical abilities. Just be sure to keep yourself away from the Pensieve Guardian when it begins to recover from the shock.

To make the battle more enjoyable, it can also be beneficial to disable the powerful Orb in the Pensieve Guardian. Although this may sound difficult, it is actually quite straightforward once you understand what you are doing.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I destroy the Pensieve Guardian's orb?

The Pensieve Guardian's orb is not a requirement for defeating this boss, but it is an optional dueling skill that players may complete during it. As scary and powerful as this foe may be, destroying its orb is fairly simple.

All players must do to destroy the Pensieve Guardian's orb is to cast a spell of the corresponding color. This works very much like the Protego shield system in combat, but here's a breakdown of which spells you may utilize based on the orb color.

  • Yellow orb: Players can utilize any yellow control spell which includes Arresto Momentum, Glacius, Levioso, and Transformation.
  • Red orb: Players can cast any red damage spell which includes Diffindo, Incendio, Confringo, Bombarda, and Expelliarmus.
  • Purple orb: Players can utilize any purple force spell which includes Accio, Depulso, Descendo, and Flipendo.

What happens when you destroy the Pensieve Guardian's orb?

The Pensieve Guardian's orb is an extremely powerful weapon, which is why players may want to consider breaking it during this battle. Defeating The Pensieve Guardian's orb will temporality stun it, which will also happen if players cast their powerful Ancient Magic on the foe.

Because breaking the orb will require one of three different spell color types, it is a good idea to ensure that one of each spell type is ready to go as soon as you need it to be. This is why it is generally recommended to focus primarily on casting your basic magic cast, dodge, and utilizing your Ancient Magic until the Pensieve Guardian charges up its orb.

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