The director of Fnatic LoL reflects on the dreadful LEC Winter Split: We are total dysfunctional

The director of Fnatic LoL reflects on the dreadful LEC Winter Split: We are total dysfunctional ...

During the 2023 LEC Winter Split, many Fnatic fans faced a tough road.

The perennial champions finished ninth after only winning a handful of games throughout the regular season. This was the first time in the organization's history that Fnatic would drop out of post-season contention, putting it at a historic low for one of the league's most iconic teams.

In the team's fourth seasonal vlog, Fnatic's director Javier "Dardo" Zafra talked about Fnatic's problems and said that in the final week, he wanted to establish any sort of synergy between his players before the end of the season.

"I think the greatest sadness came after losing to Astralis," Dardo said. "It's not that I completely gave up and said it's all over," because I know, with the quality of the players we have, that they can always defeat any team at any moment."

Dardo stated that his greatest concern for the roster was whether or not they would at least improve, and whether they would "arrive to a point where it's more functional, because the problem is that we're completely dysfunctional."

Oracle's Elixir found that the team struggled to make ends meet in their early games due to their various ganks and roams. They had the lowest average gold difference at 15 minutes, along with the lowest first blood rate, and first tower rate in the league.

Fnatic's prodigal son, Rekkles, could not be happier for the 26-year-old legend. He also had the second-lowest amount of kills and the third-lowest kill participation rate of any LEC marksman this season. For nearly half of his regular season games, Rekkles was placed on Varus, which is a champion that doesn't give him much room in terms of mechanical expression.

Rekkles said in the video that she feels like she's been mediocre, and with all of her experience, mediocre is not where I should be. "You know how disappointed the fans are, and you know how disappointed you are."