How to Get Chinese Chomping Cabbages in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get Chinese Chomping Cabbages in Hogwarts Legacy ...

As they face Ranrok and his henchmen in Hogwarts Legacy, wizards and witches will need a wide array of potions, combat plants, and spells. One of the most deadly plants you can fight side by side in the Harry Potter world with is the Chinese Chomping Cabbages.

Professor Garlick, Hogwarts' beloved herbology professor, will teach you the Flipendo spell as you progress through your studies at Hogwarts. Other side quests, like Kidnapped Cabbage, require you to buy cabbages from another NPC.

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Due to the fact that the source of Chinese Chomping Cabbages isn't always readily available in the open world, players may be wondering where they can find them in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where can I buy Chinese Chomping Cabbage in Hogwarts Legacy?

Professor Garlick will teach you how to obtain a few Chinese Chomping Cabbages when you first enroll in the herbology class. You'll need to purchase another quantity, or get lucky and discover them in the wild.

The northernmost shop in Hogsmeade, Dogweed and Deathcap, sells Chinese Chomping Cabbages for 300 galleons. You'll also be able to find Chinese Chomping Cabbages at a few traveling vendors around the open world, although Dogweed and Deathcap is the most reliable shop for purchasing combat plants.

In the Hogwarts Legacy, how do you cultivate and harvest Chinese Chomping Cabbages?

The best way to make the most of your galleons in the long run is to purchase seeds for Chinese Chomping Cabbages and grow them yourself in the Room of Requirement. You'll need to first unlock the Room of Requirement, as well as buy a Spellcraft for a Potting Table with a Medium Pot from Tomes and Scrolls.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you cultivate and harvest fluxweed?

After you have both requirements unlocked, go to the Room of Requirement and conjure a medium pot with the Conjuring spell. Then, choose the Chinese Chomping Cabbage option. The plant will flower in 12 minutes. Once the timer has expired, all you need to do is touch the table again to harvest the plant.