Skins for all Fortnite Chapter 3, season 4 battle passes

Skins for all Fortnite Chapter 3, season 4 battle passes ...

Fortnite is a continuously evolving live-service game, which often draws players back in with new entertainment and challenges meant to engage them. As with every new season, battle pass skins have been leaked ahead of the servers going back up, so players have a good idea what to expect. This season looks to play into the spooky themes while showing classic Fortnite style.

In the Fortnite Chapter Three, season four battle pass teaser, two of these skins were leaked early, but the rest serve as exciting new concepts for players to play with.

Fortnites Chapter Three and Season 4 Battle Pass now have all new skins.

While we do not have the exact names of the skins yet, we do know who's included in the battle pass. First is a customizable character with blonde dreads and a tactical vest with the word Hollow on it.

Here are all of the skins from this season without the fade effect.

Next up is an anime skin that comes in a few different bright color variations, a significant change from the Hollow skin before it. It appears that Epic can still add some additional colors during the darker months.

Next up is Goth Meowscles, shown in the last picture above. Meowscles is the brooding type, but he also comes in a pink variety when he is feeling a little more festive.

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The male and female in the above photographs are actually two individuals in a single outift. Players will probably be able to customize which twin takes the lead when it comes to removing large slime from his stomach. Theres also the new grizzly bear, which is a small bear that takes a small amount of food.

Spider-Gwen from the above mentions is also coming to Fortnite, portraying her iconic rendition from the Into the Spiderverse film. Shell have an alt style that allows players to choose whether or not to keep the mask on.

The Herald appears to be the main antagonist this season, bringing the Chrome to the island. So, as many assumed, she will be a major part of the narrative and battle pass moving forward. Players can take on the role of The Herald when the secret battle pass skin is unlock later in the season.