Who's Who in the Musical Drama "Monarch" Cast and Character Guide

Who's Who in the Musical Drama "Monarch" Cast and Character Guide ...

Country music, one of the most well-known musical genres, has had its fair share of legends and dynasties throughout its history. Fox's new musical drama Monarch is attempting to capture the intrigue of the country music scene. The readiness that Fox provides is staggering.

Albie Roman, the reigning King of Country Music, and his insanely talentedand tough-as-nailswife, Dottie Cantrell Roman, have created a country music dynasty, but the very foundation of their success is a lie. When their legacy is in jeopardy, heir to the crown Nicolette Nicky Roman will fight for her own success, alongside her brother Luke and sister Gigi.

The teaser for Monarch contains a lot of information about the characters, including secrets, betrayals, rifles, bright lights, and country music. Importantly, we are introduced to familiar actors and names from the country music scene, including starring roles from Susan Sarandon and country singer Trace Adkins.

Susan Sarandon as Dottie Cantrell Roman

Dottie Cantrell Roman is a larger-than-life figure, especially in the country music industry. She is well-known as the Queen of Country Music and the matriarch of the Roman family. She is a fighter who is willing to sacrifice everything to ensure her family's standing at the top of country music. Now, she is ready to quit the music, but she still has a few things to keep an eye on.

Susan Sarandon, who plays Reggie in the legal thriller The Client, has been critically acclaimed and prolific in the past.

Trace Adkins as Albie Roman

Albie Roman is the other half of the Roman country music empire and is known as the King of Country Music. They both had a slew of success in recent decades, although his popularity is still rising. He is a traditional country guy who loves to party, but also a temper that can leave friends and enemies burned.

Trace Adkins is a well-known country music performer who has performed on The Voice and Celebrity Apprentice in the late 1990s and 2000s. He has had over 20 singles and three number-one hits, including "(This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing," "Ladies Love Country Boys," and "You're Gonna Miss This."

Anna Friel as Nicolette Roman

Nicolette Nicky Roman is the eldest daughter of Albie and Dottie, and the heir apparent to the Roman throne. She follows her mother in many ways and is a determined artist ready for fame and recognition. Like her mother, she is willing to do everything necessary to ensure that she and her family remain in power in the country music scene.

Anna Friel, an English actress, will play Nicki on ABC's Pushing Daisies. She has won an International Emmy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the British noir detective series Marcella.

Beth Ditto as Gigi Taylor-Roman

Gigi Taylor-Roman is Nicky's younger sister, while Albie and Dottie's other daughter have the same opinions about her. Unlike her sister, Gigi does not feel like she is part of the family. She is a married lesbian in a conservative country music society, and her voice might give her sister a run for her money.

Beth Ditto is an American singer-songwriter known for her work with Gossip and her own solo work in the fashion industry. Ditto's vocal abilities, which have been compared to perennial greats like Amy Winehouse and Etta James, may play a role in the series.

Joshua Sasse as Luke Roman

Luke Roman is still involved in the family business as the CEO of Monarch Entertainment, although he hasnt always gotten along with his father, he is determined to prove that he can be a valuable asset rather than a nuisance. As he learns more about his family's hidden secrets, he must keep the business going and the shareholders happy.

Joshua Sasse plays Luke Roman. Sasse is an English actor well-known for his television work. He had major roles in the musical fantasy television series Galavant and in the romantic comedy-drama series No Tomorrow.

Inigo Pascual as Ace Grayson

Ace Grayson is the adopted son of Nicky Roman and has always admired his grandparents' performances. Off-stage, he is sensitive and a gifted singer. He aspires to be a music legend like some other members of his family.

Inigo Pascual will play Grayson in his first film role in Hollywood, including in the TV drama series And I Love You So and the romantic films Crazy Beautiful You and Relaks, It's Just Pag-ibig. He is also well-known in the Philippines music scene with his self-titled debut album reaching the #1 spot on the Billboard Philippines chart.

Martha Higareda as Catt Phoenix

Catt Phoenix is a mother with something to fight for and a romantic connection with the Romans. Although she is trying to get her talented daughter Ana signed to the Romans' record label, we soon discover that Nicky Roman has an unusual past conflict. She is a wild card who may be trouble for the Romans as they try to conceal their seedy past.

Martha Higareda plays Catt Phoenix in Altered Carbon, Amar te Duele, and Street Kings.

Emma Milani as Ana Phoenix

Ana Phoenix is the daughter of Catt Phoenix. She is a teen girl who quickly gains notoriety on TikTok for her Spanish-language interpretation of Albie Romans' most famous song. She has an innocent nature, but will the music business and interactions with the Romans and her mothers alter her?

Emma Milani plays Ana Phoenix. Milani is well-known for her roles in the television series Solve and the TV film Dying to be a Cheerleader.

Recurring Cast & Guest Stars

Eva Amurri (Thats My Boy) as Dottie Cantrell Roman, Meagan Holder (Born Again Virgin) as Kayla Taylor-Roman, Callum Kerr (Guys & Dolls) as Nellie Cantrell, Wade Stellings as Little Big Town, and Kevin Cahoon (Glow) as Earl Clark - these are the names to watch for those interested in country music or drama.