Karmine Corp wins their first VCT match against Lotus

Karmine Corp wins their first VCT match against Lotus ...

The newest map in the game was introduced for the second day of the VALORANT LOCK//IN tournament.

Lotus, which was added to the ranked map pool on January 18, was chosen as the first map in the series today by Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix in their match against Karmine Corp.

The Lotus choice was initially dismissed as a surprise since it is the most recent map added to the pool, and it is unlikely there will be many in-depth strategies in place. However, FPX saw it as an opportunity to catch KCorp off guard.

The FPX attack went contrary to plan, falling 13-6, with KCorp controller Ryad "SHIN" Ensaad topping the scoringboard. According to VLR.gg, he managed an average combat score of 288, despite being on Viper duty.

Lotus has two controllers chosen by KCorp and FPX since there are long lines of sight toward A. The compositions were similar with Viper, Omen, Killjoy, and Skye being chosen for both teams. However, FPX chose Fade because it was more likely to initiate the fight.

With a victory over Lotus and Pearl, KCorp secured the victory over FPX.

Lotus was first added to VALORANT in January this year through Swiftplay. It was later added to the list just a few days later.

The map is the second in the game that includes three Spike sites. There are a few new features in the map as well. There are two rotating entrances between the B and A sites that are broken.