The Seraph finale: How to Start the Destiny 2 Season, Abhorrent Imperative

The Seraph finale: How to Start the Destiny 2 Season, Abhorrent Imperative ...

Season of the Seraph, Destiny 2's final expansion, has come to an end. Throughout the season, the Guardian has been tasked with rebuilding Rasputin in order to regain control of the Warsat network and face the threat of Darkness soon to strike Earth.

The last quest, Abhorrent Imperative, is now available in the game, and it will be available until the expansion launch on February 28. It includes a final, challenging mission aboard the Seraph Station as well as a significant cutscene that will define the year ahead and what the stakes will be.

All players have two weeks to get into Destiny 2 and go through this final mission for themselves, so knowing where to go and how to launch it is critical. It should also be noted that any players wishing to complete the final mission will need to have completed the main "More Than A Weapon" questline that has been progressing week-to-week throughout Season of the Seraph.

How to Start the Seraph's Last Mission in Destiny 2 Season 2, Abhorrent Imperative

After you complete the "More Than A Weapon" quest, you will be forcibly transmatted into the H.E.L.M for a special cutscene with Ana and Rasputin. Once you have experienced this cutscene in its entirety, you may interact with the Exo frame to receive your new quest.

Once you have obtained the quest, a activity flag will appear in the H.E.L.M directly beside the Exo frame. Such as the fact that the Abhorrent Imperative mission is set to Legend difficulty and player power is capped at 1350, this activity is best undertaken solo or with a friend.

The narrative here has significant implications for Destiny 2 and Lightfall's future, so make sure you log in and see it for yourself before it disappears at the end of Season of the Seraph.