Fortnite Tips for Slide Kicking

Fortnite Tips for Slide Kicking ...

Fortnite has just added a slide kick to the game, but how does it work, and how may it be used to destroy opponents or dislodge a runaway boulder?

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How Do You Slide Kick in Fortnite?

To start sliding kick in Fortnite, use the right analog stick on the controller or the left CTRL on the keyboard while running.

While sliding, youll perform a slide kick. Youll need to have enough momentum to keep your slide steady, so keep that in mind when you go for a kick.

Take this opportunity to sabotage your adversary or knock them off a ledge of danger.

Your best bet is to shoot the base of the boulder until its health is low, then run and slide into it.

Players will be challenged with a slide kick to dislodge a boulder in one of your Fortnite Weekly Challenges. If done correctly, youll be able to finish the object's last bit of health with the slide kick, completing the challenge successfully.

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