New reports hint to Luke Skywalker in Fortnite in the near future

New reports hint to Luke Skywalker in Fortnite in the near future ...

Epic Games has revealed a new Icon skin for SypherPK, one of the game's leading content designers. And now, Luke Skywalker, a major character from the Star Wars universe, is being prepared.

According to well-known data miner ShiinaBR, Epic has added new files to the game as part of a chapter three and season fours update. These new branding seem to apply to two different variations of Lukes' lightsaber, one with A New Hope and the other with Return of the Jedi. Both seem to indicate that Skywalker was a key player in two films.

The Luke Skywalker skin might be released shortly. Epic just added two new versions of his Lightsaber to the files. One of them has the "A New Hope" branding, while the other has the "Return of the Jedi" branding! (via @SouthieFromSTW1)

Shiina announced that Luke may be seeing two different lightsabers in the future. Probably just a name change for the same Lightsaber Mythic weapons as Epic did for Obi-Wan during Mays Star Wars celebrations.

This Skywalker will likely appear like Mark Hamill's 1978 model, complete with floppy hair and an iconic outfit.

Since Epic added Darth Vader and Jedi assets were discovered in the files, Luke has been rumored to be coming to the game. However, this does indicate that something related to Luke Skywalker is in active development at Epic. It may not be too long before we get some information about the iconic character coming to Fortnite.