The star of Sex Education has landed her next movie role

The star of Sex Education has landed her next movie role ...

Chaneil Kular, a Sex Education actor, has joined the cast of Silver, a fantastical film inspired by Kerstin Gier's books.

Helena Hufnagel's film, The Moving of Liv (Jana McKinnon), follows the teenager as she moves to London with her mother Ann (Nicolette Krebitz) and little sister Mia (Riva Krymalowski), first reported by Deadline.

Kular will play Arthur Hamilton, yet she has little clue how Henry (Rhys Mannion) belongs to a mystical circle of lucid dreamers.

Silver, which is just the working title, is now shooting in both English and German, with Prime Video on hand next year.

Kular will soon be back on our Netflix screens as Moordale Secondary School pupil Anwar Bakshi in Sex Education season 4.

The main players (along with Dan Levy and Thaddea Graham) will all be there, but a question mark remains above James Purefoy's Remi Milburn.

Last month, the actor revealed exclusively to Digital Spy: "It's a cracking show, and I love Sex Education. I think it's a really brilliant piece of work. If they wanted me back, I'd be there in a heartbeat.

"One of the things that [creator] Laurie [Nunn] does among many other amazing things is the way she [deals with] characters who seem to be extremely odious in one way or another.

"Remi, he's such a jerk in so many ways, yet he kind of ties it back at the end of his current story. You really get a sense of how lonely and miserable that man is underneath all the bravado."

Seasons 1 and 3 of Sex Education are now available on Netflix, with a fourth on the way.