Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy: All 5 Otto Locations

Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy: All 5 Otto Locations ...

Artificial Island is a world of Tower of Fantasy where there are a number of activities for players to participate in. One of them is Wildwing Otto, a level 70 flying animal that is both fun and rewarding to defeat. You must navigate to all five Otto locations in Artificial Island to defeat it in Tower of Fantasy.

All 5 Otto teleport locations

Otto appears on five tiny islands on Artificial Islands randomly. You may use the five portals for these islands to reach each of them. Keep in mind that Otto will likely be found on all of these islands unless other players have already killed it.

This location is in front of a Chowchow flower near a v-shaped road south of Ring Arena.

The second location is directly west of Ring Arena, behind a metal wall beneath the cliffs.

This entrance is easily discernable from a long pipe west of where you first arrive on Artificial Island.

The fourth entrance is situated in an open grassy area southeast of Eyrie.

The last portal is located east of Base Zero, beneath a metal wall. It's a bit difficult to find, but go behind the shown metal wall, look up, and you'll find it.

How to defeat Otto

Otto is a level 70 creature, but it isn't as powerful as some enemies. That said, you'll need a long-range weapon(s) to defeat Otto effectively. Likewise, you should not use Grievous weapons against Otto since it's weak against others.

There is one attack that lashes out at you, sends you into the air, and throws you. Beware of those attacks, and keep attacking Otto from a distance. In the pause menu, you may claim achievement rewards from the terminal.