A recent horror incident has proven to be immune from an instant shift in opinion

A recent horror incident has proven to be immune from an instant shift in opinion ...

M3GAN was one of the most talked about horror films last year, and it had yet to be released. Many hoped that it would live up to the hype surrounding it, but it seemed to deliver, and even today, after things have calmed down, viewers still have nothing to say.

Many critics described it as a delightfully silly and funny horror film. A sequel is already underway, with many of the cast expected to return, with writer Akela Cooper already working on the script. They even have a release date planned, with January 17, 2025 as the date.

Do followers still like M3GAN as much as they did a month ago? That was the topic laid out over on Reddit, as one fan still finds themselves enthralled by M3GAN.

Oddly enough, the trailer didn't do anything for this individual, but it certainly wasn't enough to dissuade them from seeing the film in theaters, and boy are they glad they did. Now they want to know whether the film had the same impact on others.

Many people think the program complied with its promises.

There was no pretension to it, it was just a case of something simple done, but it was also very well done.

The daughter of this commenter seems to have mysteriously fallen in love with the murderous doll.

We're glad that on this persons first date night in forever, they actually had fun and left the theater entertained.

Many people just loved how shady and deceptive it was, and how it was so self-aware of this fact.

That's not to say that everyone was impressed.

It didn't really offer anything new to this user.

M3GAN has appeared to have a large following, which is good considering how quickly people respond to projects such as this. Let's hope she will keep our attention by the neck in a vice-like choke hold until the sequel comes out.