James Gunn expresses his admiration for DC superheroes

James Gunn expresses his admiration for DC superheroes ...

It's always wise to read up on the regulations that must be followed at your destination when you visit a foreign country, or else you may unwittingly become a fugitive during your journey.

So, if you're going to the internet, and particularly Twitter's off-putting subcontinent, keep in mind that everything James Gunn says is required by law to take the most ruthless salt you can muster; partly because the co-head of DC Studios tends to be fairly forthcoming about what definitely doesn't work, and partly because the internet just can't help itself.

One user took the opportunity of seeing Gunn out in the wild to ask him what he thinks of the DC superhero Vixen, to which he replied with his special flair.

Vixen first appeared in DC Comics in 1981, intended to be the first African superhero to be a part of her own line. More recently, she has appeared in the Arrowverse of the CW, specifically in Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

Vixen may be going to be a lot bigger than he was back then and this is now. Gunn's reply to a question that might otherwise appear to be another shady attempt at interacting with the DC Studios mastermind suggests that things may be happening in the DC Universe.

Gunn may play coy for quite a while in the Vixen department, but given the character's participation in several more recent, if defunct, projects, it wouldn't be a surprise if the zealous animal channeler emerges within the DC Universe.