Season 4 of Fortnite How to Slide Kick

Season 4 of Fortnite How to Slide Kick ...

The developers have added a minor but significant new feature to the boring sliding mechanics in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. It's a handy feature to knock back opponents by a few meters when you fall into the zone while falling.

How to slide in Fortnite

For PC players on, press theRight Stick(R3 on PlayStation) on their gamepads to initiate a slide animation. All the required keybuttons are default ones, and you may modify any buttons as you wish from the game settings.

In Fortnite, how do you knock back someone by sliding?

Once you have mastered the concept of sliding, you may now knock anyone off by simply charging toward them with your slide momentum using your directional keys. After a successful collision, the enemies will be thrown back due to the knockback effect.