Where to Find a Chrome Splash in Fortnite and How to Use It

Where to Find a Chrome Splash in Fortnite and How to Use It ...

If you cant beat em, join em. Here's how to find a Chrome Splash in Fortnite, and how to use it to traverse walls, and more!

In Chapter 3, Season 4, Fortnite added a brand-new never-seen-before item, and the game as we know it now revolves around the Chrome Splash.

A number of new Chrome Splash items allow players to use Chrome to their advantage.

What Does a Chrome Splash Do?

In Fortnite, throw a Chrome Splash at the ground, and you'll be able to turn to Chrome for a limited time. Chrome players will be immune to fire damage and will be able to transform into a Blob!

Chrome walls are completely entranceable, and you may even climb right through them!

In the new Fortnite Paradise gameplay trailer, you can see the Chrome in action!

Players may sprint to instantly become a Blob when they are turned to Chrome via a Chrome Splash.

Chrome Blobs will move quicker and be harder to hit. Not only that, but they are completely immune to fall damage, so don't worry if you get hurt from the new Cloudy Condos POI.

By double-jumping, Blobs may also benefit from a new air dash. Dash into a building and youll instantly Chrome-ify it, allowing you to smash through the wall with ease.

Where to Find a Chrome Splash Map Locations

The new Chrome Splash can be seen everywhere on the Fortnite map! Theres no need to worry about where you'll end your day as there's plenty of chrome to go around!

Here's how to obtain The Herald Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4's new secret skin. If you're going to be Chrome anyway, you may as well be the big bad of the season.

Plus one of the new Fortnite Battle Pass skins can use a Chrome blade as a weapon, forming it right out of their hand, like the T-1000 Terminator!