Steelrising is a promising souls-like project that could use some additional work Hands-on impressions

Steelrising is a promising souls-like project that could use some additional work Hands-on impressio ...

Over the years, many soul-like games have graced the genre and attempted to outlive 2009's Demons Souls, considered by many to be the father of the genre. Steelrising is another example of a game that emerges powerful, hoping to outrun at least a few Automats.

Steelrising takes place during the French Revolution in an alternate history where King Louis XVI has brought in powerful robots to rule Paris. You play as Aegis, a graceful marionette-style female robot turned warrior, who fights Louis XVI's army of mechanized monsters. This is to be expected considering the developers have little experience in creating souls-like games.

A twisted French Revolution

The main thing that sets Steelrising apart from other genre games is the unique 18th-century France setting. Each of the enemies, while similar in style, ranges from chain-ball-wielding iron maiden robots to automatons with cannons for arms and great aim.

Aegis is more than a robot; she is a combat machine, and as such, she must be equipped with weapons and armor that complement your playstyle. After 5 to 6 hours of gameplay, I upgraded my arsenal to a pistol that could deal frost damage, and a chain that could explode in a radius of flames.

Basic but not bad

Steelrising would be a decent souls-like game with a few issues, but doing that is like describing every single souls-like game from Lords of the Fallen to Thymesia. It does have something in common with the other souls-like games, but it does not have any mechanics or story elements that set it apart from the rest.

The character creator only has a handful of options, which is a disappointment when you are used to long lists of options or built-in sliders that let you customize the landscape to your liking. I could easily navigate through areas without looking back too much, except when I ran into a destructible wall. Every movement by Aegis seems to lag or twitch, and the combat feels uncomfortable when you are attempting to dodge or strike an opponent.

Almost souls-like

Steelrising is definitely a game to see if you like the Souls games or want a new action RPG. In its current state, Steelrising stands out against other souls-like games on the list, but falls short when compared to the kings of the genre. Despite its shortcomings, Steelrising is a great start from designers who do not have a lot of experience in the souls-like genre.