Wanda, a Trauma magnet, being recognized as a minor celebrity warms the hearts of MCU supporters

Wanda, a Trauma magnet, being recognized as a minor celebrity warms the hearts of MCU supporters ...

Wanda became one of the most sympathetic characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Now, fans are recalling this sweet moment between the two characters that shows both of them is a sweet light.

Wanda went through a traumatic period as a result of it. This isn't just what happens to her, but how she is treated by many of the others (aside from Vision) who see her as a tool to be used. Nostalgic stans however, have found an exception, Scott Lang.

Scott is shown explaining why he was dragged to Germany, where he meets Captain America and becomes particularly excited, before turning his attention to Wanda, saying, "I know you too."

Fans have commented on this specific situation in a thread on Reddit, and have taken a deep breath in understanding why this interaction is so special and positive.

Wanda is treated by many people as a human being, and Vision isn't exactly human himself.

Scott does not view her as a threat despite what she unintentionally did in Lagos.

Scott was ecstatic to see everyone, including Wanda. He was essentially a giddy puppy.

This user explains how everyone else has treated her up until now.

Ant-Man manages to keep things funny no matter how dark the experience becomes. (We hope it doesn't get snuffed out in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania!)

Elizabeth Olsen may not be able to hold herself in her own amusement at Paul Rudd's remarks, according to some.

This sweet moment is almost enough to forgive her for some of the crimes she committed later on.

Scott Lang's character is so pure in everything he does, we'll never forget how much effort he put into that locked-down encounter with Cassie at the beginning of Ant-Man and the Wasp. And to see Wanda have an honest smile on her face is equally heartwarming considering the rest of her MCU appearances are fairly subdued.