Chelsee Healey, who plays Hollyoaks, teases a "terrifying" Silas showdown

Chelsee Healey, who plays Hollyoaks, teases a "terrifying" Silas showdown ...

Hollyoaks spoilers will be released shortly.

Chelsee Healey, star of Hollyoaks, has teased a "terrifying" Silas showdown in future episodes.

The Goldie actress spoke out about the return of serial killer Silas and the human chess game in an interview with Inside Soap.

Silas will kidnap Mercedes and begin a twisted chess game with the McQueen gang, according to the autumn teaser.

"It's terrifying," Healey said. "If we make a wrong move, we're in big trouble." Goldie and Theresa don't even know how to play chess, so they're both scared."

Goldie will put her foot in it in scenes this week when she opens up to Yazz about Silas' return, unaware that Yazz will use this to promote her true crime podcast. The killer may be brought back to the village.

When asked about the McQueen family's "strong fears," the actress said the family is "absolutely" scared.

"Absolutely!" says Silas, who hates Mercedes and who outnumbers Silas, who is smart and clever.

The soap star also revealed the McQueen family's worries about Bobby's murderous grandfather coming to take him away.

"We love Bobby, but we also know that he's a psychopath," said Healey. "Ultimately, we know that Silas is coming back for Bobby, and the McQueens are protective of him, particularly Mercedes."

Healey admitted that she had never actually acted in scenes with Silas actor Jeff Rawle before, and said that when he is in character he is "quite scary."

"I'd never done any scenes with him until the ones coming up!" says the man who has a funny sense of humor and a real presence when he's in character. "In Silas mode he is quite frightening!"

Hollyoaks is available first on All 4, with new episodes arriving every weekday morning. On Channel 4, the program airs Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm, and at 7pm on E4.

Selected omnibus episodes are available on Amazon Prime Video.

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