Fans of Star Wars are clinging Han Solo to the Holdo Maneuver debate, which sounds like blasphemy

Fans of Star Wars are clinging Han Solo to the Holdo Maneuver debate, which sounds like blasphemy ...

People are still reeling from the famous "Holdo maneuver" from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but now fans have called into question Han Solo's piloting abilities.

The most talked about scenes from The Last Jedi are still being heated over five years later, and Star Wars fans aren't getting anywhere. A scene from the film where Laura Dern's Vice Admiral Holdo smashes a cruiser into one of the First Order's dreadnoughts at near-lightspeed velocity. Here's the clip to jog your memory.

Despite the fact that the moment appears to be spectacular, fans have long argued that such a maneuver should be impossible under the rules of lightspeed travel. Others have defended the scene by bringing up maneuvers from previous films that suggested something similar.

Han Solo's refusal to answer why no one ever questioned him manually landing at lightspeed in The Force Awakens has sparked many outraged fans, but they do raise a valid point as he violates the guidelines of hyperspace travel he explained to Luke Skywalker.

The discussion has raised concerns about many other lightspeed maneuvers found throughout the Star Wars canon, including the concept of lightspeed skipping, used in The Rise of the Skywalker.

Throughout Star Wars, there are a number of plot flaws related to hyperspace travel, but it's almost like the whole thing is a fictional concept for a fictional world with made-up rules.

To be fair, all of these examples originate from the sequel trilogy, so perhaps it's a case of those in charge failing to grasp the concept. At the end of the day, you'll likely find Star Wars more enjoyable if you don't overthink things like hyperspace travel and the Holdo Maneuver. Just enjoy the experience and remember that it doesn't always make perfect sense.