Locations of all vaults in Fortnite: A Map & How to Find Keys

Locations of all vaults in Fortnite: A Map & How to Find Keys ...

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is stuffed with mysterious vaults and keys, but where are they all hiding?

If you like the new Season 4 update, chances are youve noticed a few new additions to the Fortnite island. Not only is everything better than it used to be, but there's also more loot to discover!

The greatest loot of all is concealed inside of Fortnite's new vaults. Both Low-Security and High-Security vaults are now scattered throughout the map, but what are these hidden locations and how do you open them?

What Is a Vault in Fortnite?

Fortnite's new vaults are loot-filled areas that will be locked when you discover them on the island.

The map has two low-security vaults, and the higher the security, the more valuable it is!

Do you want to know why the island appears this way now? Check out the Fortnite Paradise reveal trailer below.

In Fortnite, youll need a Key to open a Low-Security vault. However, players will need two Keys to open High-Security vaults.

These new drops are worth keeping an eye on as the higher-tier vaults will provide even more fantastic loot to help you win the Victory Royale.

In Fornite Chapter 3 Season 4, Vault Keys are found in chests, supply drops, or even as floor loot around the island.

Its time to take one or two of them to a vault!

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All Fortnite Vault Map Locations

  • Northwest of Logjam Junction
  • Inside Rave Cave (Double Lock)
  • South of Rave Cave
  • On the North side of the River to the West of Rave Cave
  • On the coast to the West of Greasy Grove
  • West of Chonkers Speedway
  • South of Cloudy Condos
  • In the center of Tilted Towers (Double Lock)
  • Southwest of Tilted Towers
  • Inside Lustrous Lagoon (Double Lock)
  • Northeast of Lustrous Lagoon, West of the Aztec ruins
  • On the island to the West of Last Legs
  • Between Shimmering Shrine and Cloudy Condos (Double Lock)
  • East of Coney Crossroads by the lakeside
  • Northeast of Rocky Reels, across the river

Fortnite players will see keyhole signs on the map when they collect one or more keys in the next update.

Here are some Fortnite map locations to help you out and save time:

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