Evan Peters Explains Ryan Murphy's One Rule When It Came To Netflix's Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Evan Peters Explains Ryan Murphy's One Rule When It Came To Netflix's Jeffrey Dahmer Story ...

Evan Peters has played many roles in American Horror Story, from a ghost in a murder house to a drunken teenager zombie, his latest film,Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, may be his most frightening role yet. Peters will play the notorious serial killer and has recently spoken about the pressures of being a part of the show. Ryan Murphy, the show's creator, was keen to make sure the production was polite.

Evan Peters believes it is important to honor the victims rather than sympathize with the perpetrator in a difficult role. In an interview with Ryan Murphy Productions, he explained why such care must be taken.

Ryan's letter stated that he would never read it from Dahmers' perspective. You're not really understanding him as an audience. You're more interested in his situation, you know, from the outside.

The actor was very transparent in the interview, and the reasoning that he lays forth is understandable. He also stated that he was extremely grateful to the crew for keeping him grounded throughout the filming. Moreover, he mentioned that he wanted his performance to be as authentic as he could. This desire for authenticity was also important for the overall production.

To be respectful to the victims and their families, and to try to tell the story as authentically as you could. You need to have certain plot points because he did these things, but you don't need to embellish them. We understand it, and we don't need to hear it repeated and over.

Ryan Murphy and Evan Peters have both had a fair share of crime shows. American Crime Story follows several high-profile true-crime cases, including the People v. O.J. Simpson trial and the assassination of Gianni Versace. Peters was a prominent member of the Mare of Easttown cast. His performance in the crime drama, in which he played Detective Colin Zabel, earned him a 2021 Emmy nomination.

It's no surprise that Evan Peters and Ryan Murphy have been selected for this role. He's been casting so many serial killers on Murphys shows, and he's confident that this performance will be spectacular, given their previous experiences.

On September 21, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story will be added to the library of Netflix shows. Make sure you have a Netflix subscription before that time so that you may watch it.