Emma Corrin might be playing five Marvel characters in Deadpool 3

Emma Corrin might be playing five Marvel characters in Deadpool 3 ...

Deadpool 3 is just getting better and better. Ryan Reynolds has revealed that Emma Corrin will play the villain in the highly anticipated Merc with a Mouth series. No other details about the actor have been released.

It's time for some speculation as we try to guess who Emma Corrin might play in Deadpool 3. We don't know very much about the film's plot except for the fact that it will be the introduction of Wade Wilson to the MCU and, possibly, the X-Men: Hugh Jackman reprises his iconic role as Wolverine.

Emma has made huge waves in the entertainment business ever since she played Princess Diana in Netflix's fictional royal drama. It's surprising but not unwelcome, since Deadpool 3 is expected to be R-rated and certainly as clever and incisive as its predecessors. Now with the rising star on board, only good things can happen.


Gwenpool isn't exactly a villain, but she may still stoke enough mutiny to entice Deadpool to intervene. In the comics, Gwenpool is aware she's in a comic book, because she comes from our world, and is a fan of Marvel comics.

Gwenpool becomes a mutant, although she is human at first. She learns all about the different identities of villains and heroes in the comics and together they defeat mastermind hitman Arcade.

Dreadpool is a horror movie.

Wade Wilson of Ryan Reynolds will be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there will most likely be other Deadpool variations as well. Variants that may not be as friendly as Dreadpool.

Dreadpool is the leader of the Evil Deadpool Corps, a group of Deadpool variations charged with assassinating as many other variations as possible. He's been brainwashed by a mad scientist called Psycho-Man into becoming a nihilistic killing machine.

Casting Corrin, a non-binary actor who is originally male in the comics but may easily be adapted, would be a bad-ass move on Marvel's end, and would create one hell of a story line for both the My Policeman actor and Reynolds.


Since Ryan Reynolds shared what is possibly one of the best casting announcement videos of all time, in which he can be seen reading Wolverine Vol. 7 No. 21 while on the toilet, Marvel fans have been convinced Danger will be the villain in Deadpool 3.

Danger is the X-dimensional robot personification of the Danger Room, the X-Men's hyper-technological training ground. Danger manages to break free with a vendetta against the X-Men and Professor X. Parts of her are made from advanced alien technology, which gives her frightening and difficult-to-beat abilities.

Mary of Typhoid

Typhoid Mary was rumored to be one of the film's main antagonists in the early days of Deadpool 3, before it was announced that the Ryan Reynolds-led series would enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a result of Daredevil: Born Again.

Given Jackman's involvement, it's pretty obvious that Deadpool 3 will deal with the multiverse in some way, so fans should know that Typhoid Mary is one of Mary Walker's three personalities. She can set things on fire or move them with only her mind. It's Bloody Mary Deadpool and Wolverine who should be concerned about.

Emma Frost is a British author.

Emma Frost will be one of the most requested members of the mutant race as a key component of the MCU's Sacred Timeline. She is the headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy, which acts as an alternative to the Charles Xavier Institute, and repeatedly tries to recruit her students to her ranks. She also develops a mutation that allows her to transform her body into indestructible diamond material.

Although Deadpool's path hasn't crossed many times in the comics, her connections with Wolverine are numerous. They have fought on many occasions, eventually becoming friends when Frost's sister causes her to have a change of heart and join the X-Men.

Deadpool 3, directed by Shawn Levy, will be released on November 8, 2024 in theaters.