After that horrific betrayal, Ted Lasso's season 3 trailer reveals what will follow

After that horrific betrayal, Ted Lasso's season 3 trailer reveals what will follow ...

Ted Lasso returns for a second season in a row, receiving four Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series for the second year in a row, and Apple received 52 Emmy nominations. The show has struggled to maintain its impressive run.

Season three of Ted Lasso will be released on March 15, and the characters are getting their arts and crafts on. They’re in the locker room doing their jobs, and Rebecca is enjoying those savoury biscuits. Each one reads, "Believe." At the end, Lasso walks into Coach Beard's office and proudly looks at the posters, and says, "If seeing is believing, then I believe we've been seen."

Let's dive into season two, which was packed with stories about mental health, massive life changes, and devastating betrayals.

Football is a game that is tormented.

Season two of Ted Lasso starts with a bad omen. AFC Richmond has had a series of difficulties that have kept them at a standstill. Dani Roja, the always-optimistic striker, takes a penalty kick that kills Earl the club mascot, and his disposition takes a turn for the worse. Lasso has his own issues due to his aversion to couples' therapy and his tendency to hide his feelings with pleasantries.

Jamie comes back to Richmond to spite his father by competing in a reality show, but after being voted out, he must find a new path.

The return of the king

Jamie isn't eager for Jamie to return and they inform him of it. When Jamie stands up against Sam's protest against Dubai Air and Cerithium Oil's Nigerian operations, he's glad to be back. Tottenham keeps momentum going until the team wins. Nate, who has been working on his self-esteem with Keeley, takes action when it counts.

The next day, he tries to take his life back, but she refuses to let him off the hook so easily, and he admits that he doesn't trust therapy. After his father comes into the Richmond locker room and emotionally abuses him, Jamie punches him back, and the man is taken out of the locker room.

Funeral for a father

Rebecca's father passes away and the team decides to go to the burial to show their support. As Lasso prepares for the funeral, he has a panic attack due to his father's death and has to talk with Dr. Sharon Fieldstone to get through it.

With more wins, things are looking to be improving for AFC Richmond, and Dr. Sharon Fieldstone is about to leave. She intends to leave without notice, but Lasso is able to meet her at a pub and they say their final goodbyes, bringing their emotional and mental journey to a halt.

The ultimate betrayal

After the final match of the season, Lasso returns home and receives a text from a reporter about a forthcoming report on his panic attack during the game... and his coach's qualifications are questioned. Lasso takes it in stride and open up to his team about what happened, emphasizing that Nate was the source.

Nate lambasted Lasso on Match Day, claiming that he felt abandoned and that he stole his ideas. (Nate came up with a false nine strategy and Lasso got the credit) But when Lasso attempts to explain himself, Nate abruptly withdraws. This time, when Dani scores the goal that lifts the tie, Richmond wins. The poster that reads, "believe" has been ripped in half.

The redemption sequence in Season three has reached a close.

Ted Lasso will likely be in a sorry place after winning the final game due to a misunderstanding and Nate's anxieties. Season two concludes with his belief destroyed, hence the symbolism. The season two teaser is all about the people surrounding Lasso, who are committed to his recovery and his father's death.

Nate has turned to the Dark Side, but that doesn't mean he's completely gone. No one is beyond saving. He's not perfect, but he makes the effort to be better. Nate used to clean the team's kits and maintain the field before becoming assistant coach, but his self-esteem deteriorated as a result.