Ben Affleck's smash hit sci-fi thriller The Flash has yet to be released

Ben Affleck's smash hit sci-fi thriller The Flash has yet to be released ...

A blockbuster-sized sci-fi thriller starring Ben Affleck, described as "Hitchcock on steroids," might appear to be a hot ticket in Tinseltown, but it has been well over a year and a half since the film Hypnotic was wrapped, and it has yet to be released.

Even more alarmingly, the $65 million production that Affleck had been working on for over two decades finished principal photography before he finished his commitments to The Flash, and that particular troubled epic is in the works, has a first full-length teaser, and will debut on the big screen in June.

Despite the impressive pedigree and solid foundation premise that finds Affleck playing a detective investigating a top-secret government program that isn't just awaiting a release date, the film doesn't even have a domestic distributor as of yet.

Is it possible that Hypnotic is going down the Batgirl road of being tarred with the "unreleasable" sludge, or is it simply a case of nobody being willing to pony up the funds? Neither Affleck nor Rodriguez is open to jotting their names to the occasional flop or two, and it's quite strange to get our collective attention jogged that not only does the film exist, but it's also as good as ready, although nobody seems even remotely

Affleck, Rodriguez, sci-fi, and roided-up Hitchcock may sound appealing at the very least, but the wait continues.