The Skyrim mod helps you get laid, but only in fantasy games

The Skyrim mod helps you get laid, but only in fantasy games ...

Ever wanted an accessory to enhance your sex appeal? Well now it is, even if only for one of the greatest RPG games of all time. As a newly released Skyrim sex appeal mod is out in the wild, it does everything it can to assist you chat up Tamriels residents.

This mod, named the Amulet of Mass Sex Appeal, does not change a lot about the fantasy game itself. Instead, it aims to give Farengar Secret-Fire of Whiterun an amulet to assist him with his sex life, which it does.

Farengar was thinking about why he never got laid much the next day. Knowing he has the personality of a plank, he enchanted an Amulet to boost his chances, and he read the mod's description.

Now, how does this mod affect you? As shown in the images of the mod description, you may steal the amulet from under Farengar while he sleeps. The only drawback is that all the modded amulet does is increase your speech by 35 points. So, while the amulet does help out your stats, its not directly related to getting laid. You'll probably need more risk mods for that.

The amulet is worth a staggering 4,747 gold, which suggests it is worth taking for its resale value.

On Nexus Mods, you can find the Amulet of Mass Sex Appeal mod. Jarvis also has a lot of other Skyrim mods, including a new Khajiit follower called 9 Lives or a whole mushroom village.

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