What is the value of a TikTok Platinum Birthday?

What is the value of a TikTok Platinum Birthday? ...

The social media platform has had a number of changes since its launch in 2016 and its growing popularity over the years.

The most recent trend to take TikTok users by storm is the Platinum Birthday trend. It was first mentioned on the platform days ago when many TikTok users, including @insydemymind, discussed her platinum and golden birthdays.

A golden birthday is when an individual attains the same age as their birthdate. In the first video shared on February 12, the social user expressed her displeasure at waiting until she's 29 for her golden birthday and 92 for her platinum birthday.

In a separate video, @insydemymind's video would garner over 8 million views and a million likes and various comments immediately following that upload. That same day, the TikTok user would discuss the difference between a golden birthday and a platinum birthday.

@insydemymind also mentioned how the definition of a platinum birthday might differ, and how she first got her answer in the video.

Other TikTok users have been sharing their reactions on their accounts to either celebrating their platinum birthday without recollecting what happened that day or discussing when the occasion will be.