Tower of Fantasy's Surf and Turf Cooking Recipe

Tower of Fantasy's Surf and Turf Cooking Recipe ...

Surf and Turf is a new Tower of Fantasy dish that restores 13% of your total health and eight satiety points. The preparation is fairly simple, but getting the recipe is difficult. Here is how to get the Surf and Turf cooking technique in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get in Tower in Fantasy with a Surf and Turf Recipe

The first is by fulfilling the side quest Taste of the Sea, while the second is by creating the recipe with the cooking bot. It depends on how many ingredients you put in the quest, so it's the best way to get the Surf and Turf cooking recipe.

When you arrive at the Spacerift: Mega Arena, you will notice the quest marker on the map. Talk to Jupitertwice to get your first objective to find certain ingredients. Here are all the ingredients you need to find.

  • x3 Portunids: You can get them near the shores (at the orange circle) where you first find Jupiter.
  • x2 Dabrys Sturgeons: You can find them in the main Astra river (at the red circle) near the Astra Omnium Tower.

After that, you will need to hand Jupiter the portunids, then collect the dabrys surgeons and hand them over to Tower of Fantasy. After accomplishing this task, you will get the Surf and Turf recipe, two SR Jetboard Relic Shards, and XP.