Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: All New POIs and Locations

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: All New POIs and Locations ...

In Chapter 3 Season 4, a Chrome substance has been introduced to Fortnite, resulting in a number of changes to the battle royale map. For example, the latest season brings a brand new area of interest to a previously empty section of the island, while there are a few new locations that have been redesignated and renamed.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4's Every New Location

The place once known as Condo Canyon is now suspended in the sky from a hot air balloon, avoiding being touched by Chrome. Although there is no significant change to its layout, the POI now bears the name Cloudy Condos.

Another POI that has been somewhat modified is the Fort Jonesy. The location currently includes several new structures with bridges and ziplines connecting them.

The most noticeable difference players will notice is the introduction of Heralds Sanctum. It's a castle entirely made up of Chrome, and this liquid even extends to the west of the now-barren Sanctuary.

Lazy Lagoons shift to Lustrous Lagoon, while the trees below it are also protected by hot air balloons.

The bottom-left section of the island now sparkles with red-leaved trees and grassy fields that have all faded into a bright orange. This has also altered the Reality Tree, as its branches are completely exposed.

Chrome has had no bearing on its returning POI more than Shuffled Shrines. Now known as the Shimmering Shrine, almost all of the area sparkles from the substance. This includes its greenery and several of its structures.

For the first time, the season includes a slew of new and unvaulted weapons for combating royale modes. Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper and Lever Action Shotgun have made a comeback, as Chrome Splash and EvoChrome weapons have been added to the loot pool.