Is Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur a kids show?

Is Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur a kids show? ...

Lunella Lafayette, a 13-year-old New Yorker, takes her time working at her family's roller rink and inventing amazing things in a hidden underground lab she has built beneath her family's Lower East Side apartment. While the show may be geared towards kids, it has a lot of something for everyone.

The title may seem too heavy for some adult viewers, but the new Marvel entry has a lot of content to keep viewers interested. It's punchy and unconventional, laced with bright colors and fantastic cuts and transitions, and the show bravely takes liberties with their color palette to spice up fight scenes.

The visual reminders of Into the Spider-Verse aren't enough to keep viewers engaged, but the show's soundtrack is already crafted to provide a warm and fuzzy ambience. Besides Daniel Pemberton's work in Into the Spider-Verse, the soundtrack helps to highlight Lunella's multicultural past.

The changes made by Disney are a wonderful way to honor the company's commitment to community with other recent entries like Ms. Marvel. Lunella is deeply rooted in her neighborhood, and the challenges she and her neighbors face are monsters she must overcome. It provides just enough stake in the first season without putting too much weight on the narrative. The Avengers do exist in Moon Girl's world, but they do not have time to help the little guys.

Lunella, like Peter Parker, is free to defend her neighborhood wherever she can. View Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur streaming on Disney Plus Feb. 15th.