Bam Margera Has Made Some Major Changes To Get Help After Leaving Rehab Several Times

Bam Margera Has Made Some Major Changes To Get Help After Leaving Rehab Several Times ...

Bam Margera, a reality TV personality and stunt performer, has had a rough year in the past. In 2021, the actor was in a legal battle with his former Jackass co-stars due to his removal from the fourth installment in the film franchise. And for the past year, the actor has been in and out of rehab, having fled from facilities numerous times.

According to TMZ, Bam Margera has officially returned to his court-ordered rehab program this past week. Those who have followed Margeras journey know that he has previously returned to his designated rehab facilities before, before escaping them again this time. So, how will things go differently this time around? According to media sources, Margera will not be staying at an in-patient rehabilitation facility until after a court review.

Despite the fact that the Jackass alum will now be an outpatient, a number of the conditions he has been exposed to will still be in place. He must continue to attend scheduled classes and maintain his sobriety, according to TMZ. So all in all, the objective is to provide the 42-year-old entertainer with a significant amount of structure as he transitions.

Bam Margera was initially taken to a rehab facility in Florida after being picked up by police during a hotel stay in September 2021. Shortly thereafter, Margera speculated that the situation happened because of a disagreement between one of his loved ones and someone who was present at the time.

Bam Margera was thought to be recovering in June, according to his family, after he returned to rehab. He was found at a nearby hotel shortly after and was rehabilitated. However, Margera went missing again less than two weeks later and, according to reports, he was partying the night after he escaped. Earlier this month, Margera was spotted at a pub.

According to TMZs sources, the judge, and the stars' loved ones, would like to change things up with his rehab stint going forward. This comes at a critical time as he considers whether or not to leave the state. This is believed to be when those in his personal circle decided to intervene and convince him to seek out a different rehab strategy.

Bam Margera is facing some of his own setbacks as he tries to obtain help and maintain sobriety. We'll see how this new approach turns out for him in the long run. In the meantime, all we can do is wish him the best on his journey to better himself.